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Spring 2016 Attendee Game List

If you'll be joining us, why not add your game?

Tenochtitlan by Eric Jome

Help your tribe of Aztecs make the greatest contribution to the glory of the gods through building the most glorious, colorful pyramids. Raise monolithic blocks to new heights... and if the fickle gods require a few freshly harvested beating hearts along the way? So be it! All glory to Huitzilopochtli!

MiniSkull Caverns by George Jaros

A 9 card (and a few dice and tokens) nano dungeon crawler! In MiniSkull Caverns, 1-3 heroes will compete to explore the caverns beneath the ruins of MiniSkull Castle and return with riches beyond their wildest dreams. You are one of those optimistic explorers. Are you prepared to risk your life for diamonds the size of a wild boar? Along the way you will encounter monsters, battle other heroes, and recover some priceless gems. Be careful though, the more noise you make, the more you will attract the deadly denizens of MiniSkull Caverns. Before you can escape with your spoils you must battle the affectionately, though unsuitably, named Tiny. Dragons don’t like it when you try to burgle their baubles.

Snowball Fight by George Jaros

Snowball Fight is a micro deckbuilding and deduction game for two players that only contains 18 cards. In the game players go head-to-head with their arsenal of snowballs in an attempt to be the ruler of the Blizzard Realm!

Exploring Argadnel: Quest for the Orb of Mystery by George Jaros

UPDATE: I'll probably bring the game with, but don't think I'll playtest it. I got it to the table this week and have a number of other changes I'd like to make and some to still think about and don't think I'll have those done by April.

More Games! by George Jaros

I'll probably have a number of other games with me, too. - Fundraising Wars - Les Petits Pirates - 4th Grade Confidential - Heroes and Rogues, Out for Gold - Tanuki in the Garden - And maybe a couple more if I can finish making the components...

Skyhoundz by James DuMond

Skyhoundz is a dice chucking game of Disc-Dog Athletics. Players throw dice on the Distance & Accuracy field to score points for successful catches and earn star power for their dog to learn new tricks which is used for the second half of the game in Freestyle.

One Giant Leap by James DuMond

One Giant Leap takes players back to those vintage days of space exploration when we took our first steps on another world. Players develop technologies and build facilities which are used to go on missions to explore the Moon and Solar System. This is the second Protospiel for this game and it has evolved to a better game for it.

Lurking Terror by Jesse Gumm

A cooperative survival horrror game set aboard a spaceship where a monster is loose and trying to kill the crew. (Inspired by "Alien").

Butterfly Rodeo by Gary Dahl

Arrange dice (flower bushes) in your garden to attract butterflies, bees, and fairies! Each round you will earn VP, personal goals for the next rounds' garden, a plot to build your garden in, and a variety of magical fairy abilities. The final round then involves arranging the gardens that you have built throughout the game as the setting for a great Butterfly Rodeo.

Station Fall by Gary Dahl

Roll and reroll your dice spaceships to acquire combinations that are capable of settling a variety of alien worlds. Your ships will attack and be attacked by their neighbors upon deployment, which adds a level of conflict not previously found in these alien frontiers.

Coop: The Coop Game by Carl Klutzke

There’s trouble brewing at Creedy Farm. Any hen that can’t produce enough eggs is taken to the chopping block. There are ominous rumblings from the barn, as if some enormous machine is being set up. And from your chicken coop, you can see a new billboard by the highway: Mrs. Creedy’s Poultry Products. It’s time to fly the coop. Perhaps literally: that’s one of your escape plans. You and the other chickens must produce enough eggs to keep the farmers and their dogs satisfied while you assemble a contraption to make your escape. For this is Coop: The Coop Game. Scavenge parts from Creedy Farm to build a contraption from your chicken coop. At the same time, keep laying enough eggs to keep the farmers from confiscating your contraption, and maybe even bribe the farm rats to help you. When the contraption is ready, activate it to get past the obstacles that stand between you and freedom!

8 Seconds by George Jaros

I'll also be bringing my newest creation, a buckin' press-your-luck game about riding a bull in a rodeo.

Frostbite by Darrek Olson

Frostbite is a prehistoric ice age game where players collect resources and build villages, but must be wary of the bitter cold while doing so. The weather changes constantly and the temperature keeps falling. Players must continue building shelter to protect their clans until the weather freezes them in their tracks! Each player draws three dual use cards per round into their hand to use for: moving, scouting, hunting, gathering wood, crafting shelter, and raiding other clans. Different actions require a different amount of cards. Only two types of actions are allowed per turn. After each round, cards are drawn to decrease the temperature in different areas. Clan members die if they occupy a region that is too cold, but this cold is mitigated by fur coats and shelters. The clan that creates the most successful village will claim victory.

Starving Artists by Fairway 3 Games

The life of a paint-by-cube artist is hard. There’s no paycheck to paycheck to live by. What little money you do have you invest right back into paint. Without that paint, there’s no way to follow your dream. You don’t relish the idea of having to work at a desk, in front a computer, toiling away for some faceless corporate overlord.

Happy Little Planets by Fairway 3 Games

You don't have much time to make your little parcel of space the most welcoming in the galaxy. You'll need to find the best terrain, the best climate, and, hopefully, the most food. Your job is to make your planet the Happiest Little Planet.

The Stroll (tentative title) by Fairway 3 Games

The lands of Wandermere are rich, but untame. Explorers from the outer kingdoms are arriving in droves in an attempt to control Wandermere’s vast resources.

Looking For Group by Joel Quackenbush

A co-operative deck building adventure game. 4 players work together in a light fantasy setting to defeat boss monsters and complete quests.

Landed by Marcin Zarycki

A competitive area control game - players control powerful terraforming companies, laying hex tiles to build large areas of land in order to complete contracts from wealthy investors.

Han Characters by Dustin Oakley

A fun and fast way to learn the basics building blocks of Asian characters. Collect a hand of radical/primitive cards. Use them to build characters. Use primitives and/or characters to build words.

Unnamed RPG by Dustin Oakley and Andrew Hanson

A narrative heavy, card-based tabletop RPG. Build a set of cards to represent your character. Manage your primary resource- Stat cards (Body, Speed, Mind, and Charm.) Build your dice pool and try to pass challenges. The GM uses Remixables to build the story.

Critter Combat by Robert Avona

Your army of fuzzy critters has been pushed too far! Take your cute, furry, and fuzzy animals to war on a no–holds–barred mission to destroy, decimate, and humiliate your enemies. Take back the trees and land that are rightfully, and not so rightfully, yours! Critter Combat is a living card game with dice battles. All of this is done with a simple 26 card deck, 6 habitat cards, and 4 dice for each player. Play cards for abilities to set back your enemy or bolster your positions, capture habitats, or battle to take out the enemy. A fun, fast-paced game of fuzzy proportions. War has never been this cute!

Crazy Road Rally Z000 by Jeffrey Bantly

Reality TV fame and fortune await as you race through zombie-infested streets of a local metropolis as a contestant in the Crazy Road Rally, Z000 (Zee-thousand). Pop-up hazards, vehicle upgrades, the other drivers, all await you in your quest to be this season's champion!

Umotu's Asylum by Steven Dast

3-5 player, 45-60 minute semi-cooperative adventure game. You and your fellow inmates must face a series of challenges in order to escape the clutches of a madman.

Camelot Asunder by Steven Dast

5-10 player, 60 minute, cooperative with traitors, hidden role, social deduction. Camelot is under assault--you and your fellow loyal knights must defend the castle against the waves of attackers that would tear down its walls. But beware, some amongst you are secretly working to ensure Camelot's destruction.

Space Station 9 by Bruce Hartman and Dave Armstrong

Control robots to gather energy and resources to build up the space station in a deeply strategic mancala-style worker placement game.

Soap Box: Religion Edition by Garrett Curler

Soap Box is a creative story-telling game in which players create their own religion and tell (often ridiculous) stories about how it informs their reactions to things like birth, death, and the Zombie Apocalypse.

Untitled Project: Guildhalls by Jake Tlapek and David Fulton

This project is a follow up to our card game that is being published Grifters, formerly You Dirty Rat. Players run Guildhalls and use cards to complete quests and earn the most prestige. With a unique system we call "handbuilding" players can try this unique and fast playing take on a deckbuilder.

Untitled Project: Guildhalls by Jake Tlapek and David Fulton

This project is a follow up to our card game that is being published Grifters, formerly You Dirty Rat. Players run Guildhalls and use cards to complete quests and earn the most prestige. With a unique system we call "handbuilding" players can try this unique and fast playing take on a deckbuilder.

Traders of Titania by Howard Beatty

Your company is part of a joint venture that has found a large deposit of an extremely rare element underground in a desolate jungle in the uninhabited island of Titania in the south Pacific. Markets for the purified product have been developed in two locations by the joint venture's marketing department. Your job is to create and operate the most profitable supply chain, processing and trading business to be the first to achieve the profit goal. This is a highly interactive strategy board game played in a series of rounds involving cards, dice, chips, tactics and negotiations amid ever-changing business conditions.

Spies, Spaceships and Super Lasers by Patrick Lindsay

An area control game in which each player controls different remnants of a large space empire. You attempt to various planets by influencing minor planets with your spies, directly attacking your opponents with spaceships or blowing up planets with your giant super lasers.

Hand Management the Hand Management Game by Rod Currie

Join the cutthroat world of hand modeling in Hand Management the Hand Management Game. In this highly competitive card game, you’ll run an agency that manages hand models. Play cards to build up your models and tear down your opponents’ while they compete to win jobs that can yield more cards to play with. Spend those same action cards to improve your agency and recruit more models. But be careful, those action cards are also your victory points! This was my entry in the Greater Than Games metagame contest.

Supply Sergeant by Rod Currie

It's WWII and you're the supply sergeant for your army unit. Unfortunately, the army keeps screwing up the supply deliveries. As a result, you must deal with the supply sergeants of other units or the black market to meet the basic needs of your unit. And if that weren't enough, you also have to deal with members of your unit who want luxuries like scotch and cigars.

Consolation by Seth Van Orden

A simultaneous tile laying game.

Stockpile: Continuing Corruption by Seth Van Orden

The expansion for Stockpile that is currently on kickstarter.

Stockpile the dice game by Seth Van Orden

A dice version of Stockpile, with plenty of insider information.

Fleecing Olympus by

Zeus, Poseidon and Hades all earned their lots by throwing dice. Hades lost and was stuck with ruling the Underworld. Poseidon got the seas and Zeus got Olympus. After all this time Zeus has gotten complacent and obnoxious in his ruling of Olympus. Hades has waited for this; His chance to dethrone Zeus. Hades convinced his fellow Gods to challenge Zeus to another dice game for the rule of Olympus. Zeus in his arrogance accepted the bet. Take up the mantle of a Greek God and try to rule Olympus by betting… Dice rolling, card playing, money stealing game of the Greek gods betting on the throne of Olympus! Will Zeus keep control or will you take it for yourself?

Treble with Gators by

You might need a bigger boat... In the Louisiana marsh lands Gators prowl the waters. Jump in your boat, grab your gun and trusty Treble Hook to go and hunt down these hidden predators. They won't go down easy and you won't always get what you hunt for, but, every now and then someone catches a monster Gator and goes home with a really fat paycheck with a side of fame in this worker placement game.

Petals of War by

The land of Teroushima was once a peaceful country, united by and under the rule of Emperor Ryuu Terou. Unfortunately, the Emperor became mysteriously ill and passed on to be with his ancestors. His death threw the land into chaos and war broke out between all nine Provinces. In a world torn apart by war act as a new hero of Teroushima to reunite and protect the Provinces, just like Ryuu Terou did before you. Gain support from the Provinces of Hikar, Yamak, Osak, and Nagan. Earn assistance from the remaining Imperial forces and the secretive Night Talon Shinobi. You can even risk your reputation and Glory on learning some Forbidden Sorcery. Use Military Power, Political Influence and Prosperity to gain cards and develop your strategy. Throughout this game you can conspire, scheme, control times of peace, force times of war or even remain completely honorable. Do all of this and more as you find your path to victory, be it good or evil in this strategic deck building game.

Headshot! by

Spawn in, gear up, go to locations, shoot your opponents and hope to take them out before they get you. A "Headshot!" is the fastest way, are you feeling lucky? First Player to 3 kills wins in this first person shooter inspired competitive card game.

Ogre Chef by Jason Beane

Ogre Chef by Jason Beane

Killing Jenkins by Chris Hamm

The employees at Widget Co. have long fantasized about killing the evil middle manager Jenkins, but today is the day that someone has finally done it. No one is sad to see Jenkins dead nor do they care who actually did it, but they are all very concerned that they are in possession of lots of incriminating evidence that could get them blamed for killing Jenkins. Players must use their work skills and deception to end the day with the least amount of evidence against them to win the game!

Honey Badger Rampage by Chris Hamm

Players take on the role of Honey Badgers trying to best live up to their reputation as the most fearless and reckless animal in nature! The Badgers will face other animals, farmers, events and occasionally each other on their rampage! Through mechanics that encourage pressing one's luck, to a point, players accumulate DGAS points. The first Honey Badger to the predetermined amount is the winner!

Zark (Working title) by Chris Hamm

Area control abstract for 2-4 players where players race to a target amount of points. Technically being themed as a showdown between sun gods from various mythologies around the globe.

Pork Nuggets and Pleasantries by Chris Hamm

Players are the owners of BBQ restaurants that are competing on a tour through famous BBQ regions: Texas, Carolinas, Memphis, St. Louis, and Kansas City. By slightly modifying their recipes to fit the tastes of the regions and colorful local judges one will emerge as the greatest BBQ joint of the year!

E-I-E-I-O by Kevin L. Jones

Young MacDonald wants to buy a farm. Players are farm owners who are trying to make their farms enticing to Young MacDonald. Points are earned for collecting tiles by rolling dice. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins! E-I-E-I-O is a dice rolling set collection game for 2-6 players and plays in about an hour.

Evil Medieval by Kevin L. Jones

Each player is the representative of a noble family in a bustling medieval town. The town lies on the kingdom's border and many times finds its inhabitants fending for themselves. Hardships abound as players endure special events and face off with other players wanting what is thought to be theirs. Who will succeed in making worthy accomplishments and ultimately gaining the victory? Can the evil be overcome in this medieval town or will resistance be feudal? Evil Medieval is a worker placement game. It is for 3-6 players and plays in around 90 minutes.

Council Fire by Kevin L. Jones

The island nation of Bittersweet is controlled by three councils: The Peace Council, the Economics Council, and the War Council. Players are governors, each in control of a district. Districts grow with population each round. The governors also influence the council tracks through a dice placement mechanic. Bittersweet has a sordid past with frequent incursions into civil war. This occurs when the peace track and the war track are at opposite ends, causing a financial crash and loss of life. How will you govern your district? What population will gain you victory? How will you influence the tracks? Council Fire plays 3-4 in about 45 minutes.

Builders Guild by Kevin L. Jones

The Renaissance: A time of enlightenment, prosperity and building. Players belong to the Builders Guild and work towards gaining the most prestige from their craft. Player options are: purchase building materials, hire work crews and break ground, or acquire additional building projects. The game ends at the end of the round in which a player completes the required number of projects. Prestige is then awarded. Builders Guild is a card game that plays 2-4 in about 45 minutes.

Mastermind's Workshop by Dave Crihfield

Each year the greatest gnome tinkerer, Mastermind, takes on a new apprentice. Becoming this apprentice is a most coveted position, bringing with it the chance to learn skills and techniques that most only dream of; not to mention the prestigious work afterward. You will play as an up-and-coming gnomish tinkerer fighting for your place as Mastermind’s protégé at this year’s competition. Mastermind chooses this apprentice each year by their ability to finish a single task. It will be your job to destroy a Masterbot; a steamwork contraption Mastermind has designed and built to attack your workshop. Each player receives a game board, a player placard for tracking resources, a gnome character, and a starter bot they can build to help defend their workshop from Masterminds Masterbot. Players take turns playing their characters and Mastermind. On Mastermind’s turn all the players decide the actions of the Masterbot attacking the player to their left , while the players attempt to defend the

Building a Better Monster by Tim Withem

Building a Better Monster pits players against each other as mad scientists competing to be the first to build a unique creature and bring it to life. The game plays using one standard 6-sided die to determine what twisted blueprints they’ve jotted down from fever-dreams and insane visions, as well as 6 custom dice to determine what building blocks they’ve managed to collect from local cemeteries, mortuaries, hospitals, or prisons. Each scientist uses these materials to make their twisted schematics a reality. With the help of their faithful lab assistants and the occasional pack of ghouls at their summons, the madness is contagious

Bad Neighbor/Good Dog(Working Title) by Chris Conway

The goal of each player is to end up with the least amount of dog poo in their yard by letting their dogs loose on their neighbors or getting rid of the poo in their own yard.

Reign of Man by Sam Oplinger

Reign of Man is a 30-45 minutes, 3-5 emperor war game something like Risk and other classics, but with the monotony trimmed out. I have three expansions to test, if time and attendance permit. It will relaunch on KS in ~1 year, provided Protospiel does not find it still wanting. ;)

Fortune and Folly by Sam Oplinger

Quick and highly tactical game of naval trade fleet management set in a rich almost Elizabethan world bursting with pirates, politics and shrewd competition.

War Torn by Alisha Volkman

In a land stricken by war, play as one of the great leaders and build up your new home using your raw power or keen wit to rule the land.

Underlings of UnderWing by Alisha Volkman

Play as the Directors of The Dragon and Dragon egg manufacturing company UnderWing. Construct eggs, hatch dragons and gain the most points to get that promotion you always wanted. But beware of Wild Dragons, they could get you all fired.

Mysterious Seas by Pickle Cat Games

The mysterious seas have always bought fame to your family name. After all the proudest of ships to ever sail the seas did belong to your family, until it was sunk by sea monsters. You’ve now cashed in your families inheritance and after the Crown took their fair share you’d just enough to buy a shoddy little ship. Your quest to reclaim the prestige that your family name and ship once beared has now begun. Set sail as a Cartographer, Privateer, Pirate, Merchant, Adventurer or Inquisitor to earn the coin you need to upgrade your vessel to become the most prestigious ship to ever sail the mysterious seas once again.

Cafe Shoppe by Pickle Cat Games

You were a successful owner of a small Cafe and your business was good until competition set up across the road. You are now concocting elaborate drink recipes in a bid to create the ultimate drink. But keep an eye on your opponents to safeguard your recipes and for chances to sabotage theirs. In this fast paced card game can you outmaneuver the competition and come out on top with the most customers in your shoppe?

Castle Carnage by Kyle Kemp

Castle Carnage is an asymmetric, round-based 1v4 game where the Dungeon Master (DM) constructs a dungeon full of traps and the Adventurers are seeking out the valuable relics within.

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