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What is "Protospiel Tested"?

Protospiel stands for the best in collaborative design and development in games. It's an immersive, hands on experience that gives games and their designers the best testing and feedback. And we do it in a spirit of sharing and cooperation, real peer to peer teamwork. Many great games have come out of the Protospiel experience and many more will in the years to come.

You can show the great contributions the event made to your game and give even more back to the Protospiel idea by incorporating the Protospiel Tested logo below in your game publication. Maybe you can find room on the box or in the rules. Maybe you can add it to you crowd funding site as a link to Protospiel websites. Whatever you do, taking time to acknowledge the help you got - and gave! - in the Protospiel experience is a good way to help out. Thanks!

Protospiel Tested banner

Protospiel Tested Banner

Protospiel Tested icon

Protospiel Tested Icon

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